Young Wonder premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“This Kinda Rocks”  Ain’t It Cool News, Harry Knowles

"Vivid and Visceral"  The Toronto Star

“It’s Awesome” Kotaku  ( Gawker Media )

"Visually Stunning Journey"  Toronto Film Scene 

"Young Wonder”  by James Wilkes and is pure childhood magic"

"Simply bask in the glory of watching a little boy's imagination come to life onscreen"  The Film Stage   

"There’s a real honesty and gentleness to this film that is downright Spielbergian"

Young Wonder combines clever visual effects, nostalgia and both literal and figurative sense of playfulness"

"Imaginative romp" 

"It’s basically every kid’s dream come true as it’s a live-action short of action figure heaven”  CosmicBook

"Wilkes captures the greatness that is a child's imagination" ( www.screenanarchy )

"Wilkes gives us thrilling visual effects and creative storytelling which makes for an unforgettable trip into the mind of a young boy"

"Wonderful short film"

"The special effects and imagination will blow you away in this clever short"

"Young Wonder is probably as close as we'll get to seeing a live-action Calvin and Hobbes feature"  

"Young Wonder is an amazing and well put together look at the inner workings of kid's imaginations"

"Super fun short"

 "Video of the Week... It is awesome



Desmond Coy is an award winning short film inspired by Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy. It opened for REC at Fantastic Fest.

"A foolish game of pretend transforms into a horrific case of mistaken identity in the gruesome short Desmond Coy, going from funny to bloody in no time at all"

" Well executed but I have to admit I had to look away during the violent moments, of which their were quite a few..."                     

"The very slick Desmond Coy, the story about a young couple out for a night on the town and it goes downhill from there. It’s got a tight script and really good production value. Top notch stuff and one of the more pleasant displays of blood splatter that you just don’t get to see that often. James Wilkes, a good old Canadian boy is responsible for this gem"

"Fun splatterfest"

"Sometimes when opportunity knocks, it is best not to answer the door"  Todd Brown Twitch



Masters of Flip is one of HGTV's highest rated programs. It is sold into over 150 territories worldwide and a seven time Canadian Screen Award nominee. 

"But the biggest win for the network this year has been Masters of Flip.. With a 67% higher-than-average primetime rating, Masters regularly matches the ratings for the stalwart bros and Love It teams"  Playback Magazine Best of

"It’s a fun show."  John Doyle Globe and Mail

( Masters of Flip) " is like The Property Brothers made by people who hate The Property Brothers" @tv247365

( Masters of Flip ) is like watching outtakes from a Christopher Guest movie"  Art Vandelay

"I could watch Masters of Flip ALL DAY"@MaddyEaston

"Nice to see something positive and fun to watch on TV" @whatdoesdave

"HGTV. .. my favourite ..Masters of Flip"  @ChrisKirouac

" @hgtv love masters of flip!!!!! " @KSimel

"I love Masters of Flip..." @ItsImaniNia

"..It’s one of the best shows on hgtv"  @alessiaxaddy

"Masters of Flip on HGTV #loveit " @MichelleK8320

" I ended up with Masters of Flip and I absolutely love this show " #flippingloveit  @itslizzieh

" my favourite hgtv shows are either Masters of Flip or Property Brothers" @antisocialgf

" I'm also so happy someone else understands the perfection of Masters of Flip " @SaraRider42

" I'm obsessed with the show masters of flip " @rxchelee

" Current addiction: Masters of Flip"  @syahirahdesu

"Watching my favourite home show, Masters of Flip.." @ReadingInWinter

"Current Obsession: Masters of Flip ... I could watch this show all day, every day."  @sonotaninja

" Masters of Flip is my favorite... I love watching that whole crew."@NapsAndSarcasm

"The more I watch @hgtv's  Masters of Flip the more I think it is an intentional parody of their shows" @kaijuyyz

" Omg masters of flip is the best show I've seen"  @kenobry

" First time watching this show. It is a great show. — watching Masters of Flip"   @hitzdrummergurl

" I'm obsessed with Masters of Flip."  @AlexandraPreis

"Dave is Jerry, Courtney is Elaine, Jeff is Kramer all equally funny and unlikable... in a good way"  @libby1985

" I love masters of flip. I wish they would make 300 episodes " @eloiserummaging

" I'm publicly stating that I unconditionally love Masters of Flip"   @alexandrasketch

" Masters of Flip is such a great show "  @palesa_mabz

" Masters of Flip is my favourite show in the world " @SeseTetiwe



Pick a Puppy is a family favourite sold into over 45 territories worldwide. 

"I just found a show called “Pick A Puppy” & it’s the most adorable thing ever"   @jessborth

"Pick a puppy is my new favourite show. I want to buy and rescue all these dogs!"  @mrsmayalove

"There's a show on Discovery called Pick a Puppy. Its the best show ever made"  @FirstNameLumka

"I don’t know why everyone hates Mondays. I’m eating pasta and watching pick a puppy."  #lifeisgood  @brennahambly

"Why am I crying at Pick A Puppy?! They're just so cute"  @violetskip

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"Pick a Puppy is my new favorite tv show " @McCarthyKendall

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"Is it sad that my favourite show on TV is Pick a Puppy" @lizzie_copley

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"Is Pick a Puppy the best show on TV? " @sara_hops

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"Pick A Puppy - officially the best show on TV."  @coffeeonmars

"Pick a Puppy might be my favorite TV show. Sooooooo cute and fluffy! " @EmilySoyka1




Is the critically acclaimed medical documentary series sold into over 30 territories worldwide. 

"ER Vets ~ such an incredible show!! " @BlueEyez1071

ER vets is like the best show im not kidding i cant wait to become a vet :') @roomonfiire

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"@jannarden Watching ER Vets for the first time. Tearing up! You are one strong dog momma to narrate it"  @Lindsay__Robin

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