Young Wonder premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, during the festival it trended #1 on Youtube in Canada and #3 in the USA and was the top video on TIFF's youtube channel for the year  garnering over 1.5 million views.  

“This Kinda Rocks”  Ain’t It Cool News, Harry Knowles

"Vivid and Visceral"  The Toronto Star

“It’s Awesome” Kotaku  ( Gawker Media )

"Visually Stunning Journey"  Toronto Film Scene 

"Young Wonder”  by James Wilkes and is pure childhood magic"

"Simply bask in the glory of watching a little boy's imagination come to life onscreen"  The Film Stage   

"There’s a real honesty and gentleness to this film that is downright Spielbergian"

Young Wonder combines clever visual effects, nostalgia and both literal and figurative sense of playfulness"

"Imaginative romp" 

"It’s basically every kid’s dream come true as it’s a live-action short of action figure heaven”  CosmicBook

"Wilkes captures the greatness that is a child's imagination"

"Wilkes gives us thrilling visual effects and creative storytelling which makes for an unforgettable trip into the mind of a young boy"

"Wonderful short film"

"The special effects and imagination will blow you away in this clever short"

"Young Wonder is probably as close as we'll get to seeing a live-action Calvin and Hobbes feature"  

"Young Wonder is an amazing and well put together look at the inner workings of kid's imaginations"

"Super fun short"

 "Video of the Week... It is awesome



"But the biggest win for the network this year has been Masters of Flip.. With a 67% higher-than-average primetime rating, Masters regularly matches the ratings for the stalwart bros and Love It teams"  Playback Magazine Best of 2015

It’s a fun show.  John Doyle Globe and Mail